Adverse effects of internet addiction

These days we spend several hours on the internet for different reasons. For some, it could be work, and on the other hand, it could be pure recreational fun for others. However, it is imperative to note that there is a thin line between normal internet usage and internet addiction.

Below are some of the adverse effects of internet addiction


Someone who is addicted to the internet would prefer to spend lots of their time alone.

They will rather stay by their computer or mobile devices, locked up in a room, than hang around with family and friends. This act makes their social life dysfunctional and anytime they are in public, there are no social skills to exhibit.

For these kind of people, they are great at communicating online but when they meet up with people in reality, it is challenging for them for interact.

Health problems

Unknown to several people, the internet causes health problems. One common adverse effects is eye problems. This is caused by spending several hours on the screen. Also, people develop poor posture when they sit down for too long looking at the computer.

Another notable feature is, people who are addicted to the internet rarely have time to exercise. And this increases the chances of obesity because there is reduced physical activity.

Life interference

Internet addiction makes an individual to lose focus of other aspects in their lives because they have made addiction their primary focus. In addition, these individuals would prioritize the internet over people in reality.

Withdrawal symptoms

Internet addicts are most times aggressive when they are disturbed when they are busy on the internet. They would snap angrily at anyone who tries to disturb their internet time.

Safety concerns

People who spend much time on the internet are susceptible to various hazards on the internet. They would be too engrossed in their internet activity before they realize that their privacy is being infringed on and they are at risk with whom they are interacting with.  

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